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The Truth About Fats

Like many adolescent girls, I feel like my obsession with weight began with that awkward phase known as puberty. I began to equate being skinny with being hungry, and I began to notice things like “grams of fat” and “total calories” on packaged food. I knew without knowing that fat was bad, and so I […]

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Best Oils to Cook With

There is only cooking oil that can help you lose weight, have energy, and nourish your body at the cellular level. The rest will either make you gain weight, or worse, lead to array of ailments such as heart disease or cancer. If you guessed coconut oil, you are correct! After reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally […]


Guest Post Guidelines

When I first started this blog, I encouraged friends and family to submit articles for my guest blog section pertaining to their journeys with motherhood. Now that my blog is reaching more people, I am getting more and more requests for guest blog posts from people I don’t know. This is prompting me to create […]

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Butter is a Superfood!

I love that as our kids come to HUGE growth spurts, they consume copious amounts of butter. The old me would have cringed at such a thing, but thankfully I’ve read  Nourishing Traditions and discovered Weston Price yet, and I know that butter is a nutrient dense superfood. Here are all of the reasons why butter is a superfood […]