Best Books for Babies

April 7, 2016 • By Stacey Maaser

My Favorite Books for Babies

While reading with our four children as babies, these have been the books that have sustained their attention, engaged them, elicited responses of laughter and delight, and that we have both loved enough to want to read over and over and over again.

Engaging Babies with Reading

When you start to read new books with babies, it might not seem like they care about them at first, but once they become familiar with the books after you have read them over and over again, they will really start to fall in love with them. Once you get a sense of what really engages your baby, you can get more books that fit that style or genre. (*Read more about how to engage your baby with reading here.)

Where I Get My Books

Usually, I love just going to garage sales and thrift stores and stocking up on whatever books that fit the genres and styles I am looking for, but by spending a few dollars here and there on Amazon, I have also worked to create a very comprehensive library of new books as well. I love storing them in baskets like these around the house so that no matter where we are sitting, there are some great books within easy reach. (Read more about how I create a stimulating learning environment here.)